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Jack Frost is a Jack Russell terrier, a small, active, energetic dog that lives with Santa and Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. He loves to play with children in their snow forts and run at top speed plunging into snowmen. He loves to chase Snowflake the white Persian cat that lives in his house. But the thing he loves most of all is sitting outside the window of a small farmhouse during the holidays listening to a little girl inside play her guitar.


The little ice dog eagerly awaits the Christmas season and his yearly trip to visit the girl he loves so much. As he leaves Santa’s workshop behind, Jack’s one wish is to have a family of his own. During the lights, the snow, and the music, Jack faces a difficult decision; does he ask Santa for the one wish in his heart? Or does he choose to continue to spend his life spreading joy and laughter as Jack Frost?



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