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Jack: The Ice Dog

ByLauren VanBeek


Jack’s one wish is to have a family of his own, but he faces a difficult decision; does he ask Santa for the one wish in his heart? Or does he choose to continue to spend his life spreading joy and laughter as Jack Frost?




ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781483499567

ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781483499581

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781483499574



The Jack Frost Festival


Jack has earned a vacation, after finally finding homes for the lost and abandoned animals in the world before Christmas. The one place he has always wanted to go is to The Jack Frost Festival in PEI Canada. How could he not long to go the festival? It was in honour of him after all. The simple Journey turns into a wild adventure as Jack learns how thrilling it is to live aboard a ship in the middle of winter. From finding a Message in a Bottle that turns out to be an SOS, to exploring a lighthouse and making a few unlikely friends. Jack ends up with many stories to tell when he returns home from his Adventure in the Maritimes.




ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781489736413

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781489736406


Spy Hunter – May 18 2023


Spy Hunter is an exciting thriller about a young secret agent and his beloved partner, a trained Jack Russell terrier named Dahlia. Dahlia and Jamie have just received the most difficult mission of their careers. Both of Jamie’s adoptive brothers have gone missing, and one is suspected of treason against the government. Jamie and Dahlia are assigned to hunt down and capture Jamie’s brother at any cost, but Jamie knows his brother would never betray their country. If he is missing, that means he is in danger and needs help. Carter is an eighteen-year-old Bible smuggler. To his shock he is arrested without cause or explanation while at his home in Canada. Carter knows that with God’s help he has the strength to overcome the challenges ahead, but why was he taken? How will he survive when the most aggressive inmate decides that the prison would be better off without Carter in it? When Jamie and Carter find themselves under attack by the same dangerous rogue spy, will they be able to survive the evil that hunts them and find a way to save their friends and stop the rising threat? First, they must learn to trust one another and to rely on God.




ISBN 13 (SOFT): ‎ 978-1489744333